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Direct mail works. Plain and simple. It is one of the only purely measurable forms of advertising available. In today’s world of advertising and marketing, direct mail is the least intrusive and most trusted form of active media.  Seagate Direct offers turnkey direct mail programs for professional service businesses who market to consumers.  We have access to a vast selection of consumer targeting demographics, psychographics, and near real-time transactional intelligence that allow you to only focus on the consumer most likely to purchase your product or service.  If you are looking for a mailing list or a turnkey direct mail campaign, call or email us today and allow us to reach your target market.  We will assemble a disciplined, stable, and consistent direct mail program on your behalf that you can rely on to drive new customers to your business.

Whether you are a dentist wanting to market your services to a radius around your practice, an insurance agent wanting to reach property owners in your trade area, or a home service company wanting to reach new movers or new homeowners, we can assemble a direct mail program to drive a consistent flow of inbound leads to your business. If you market to consumers, it is highly likely that we can target your message to a captive audience.

With decades of experience in list brokerage and direct mail, skip the learning curve and give us a call.  You will work with a dedicated representative who will work with you from inception to completion of your custom campaign.

We can print your message on professional enveloped letterhead or super glossy jumbo postcards…and every media in between. All of our services are performed in house using redundant systems to ensure timely execution.

The old 40/40/20 direct mail success rule is always top of mind at Seagate Direct.

40% of direct mail success is tied to the target market.

40% of direct mail success is tied to the offer.

20% of direct mail success is tied to the content and creative.

We make sure that every component of the equation for direct mail success is in perfect order. We direct clients to you.

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